Friday, January 18, 2008


needless to say, all of my sewing has piqued the interest of the paloma who asked me, a few days ago, if i could sew up a monster.

this monster (that she drew):

whose name is "oafeelya" :)

i really didn't think i could do it and yet:

i think i did....

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!


Rachel said...

Wow! What an amazing likeness. That's impressive.

halfmama said...

Okay that is SO cool. Paloma must love 3D oafeelya!

Who you callin' cray-zeeee, CRAY-ZEEEE??? :)

ImPerceptible said...

All of these are wonderful! You should be a toymaker when you grow up. Make more. They make me smile.

Carrie said...

The doll is JUST LIKE the drawing. You are so talented, Mamazilla.

I'm thinking when Paloma's done playing with Ofeelya, a box frame is in order with both original design and the product.

Have you thought about

Don't Mess With Mommy said...

Wow! That's SO cute! I want one!

alice said...

Hi Mamazilla,

I'm impressed. This is the type of thing that has "wonderful lasting childhood memory on it". My mom used to sit and make doll clothes for me according to my specifications. It was so fun and so empowering....I remember it still.

mamazilla said...

hey all! thanks for the compliments! you raised my confidence enough that i set up a shop at etsy. there's nothing in it yet, as i'm making little paloma pets as i type. but for future reference, the shop is here:

when i have enough stuff, i'll post a grand opening and a widget! :) send me some positive sewing vibeage!!!


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