Tuesday, November 13, 2007

let me count the ways...

i love you for...

* trying not to litter the streets with your pennies when i'm around.

* your idiosyncracies...

* dancing around the house with the porkchop to frank sinatra on halloween night.

* taking a break from playing volleyball more than once a week. this too shall pass.

* moving from california to chicago.

* being patient. 'cuz i know how hard that is for you.

* listening to me. you may not always hear me, or even understand me, but you really do listen to me.

* looking like you're stable, invincible and herculean on the outside but being somewhat damaged, insecure and fragile on the inside.

* your ability to think up song lyrics on the fly.

* telling me you love me all the fracking time....

* loving me as much as you do, even though you really don't want to or have to 'cause i give you plenty of reasons not to....

when i think about "the big picture" i see you and me growing old and crotchety and senile and incontinent together. i don't want us to screw that up - especially that incontinent part. SEXY!

i know were going thru a rough patch right now, babe. we seem to have more bad days than good lately. so, i hope today of all the days is a good day. i want to be happy and i want you to be happy but i want us to be happy together too.

happy, happy, happy birthday, thin man. i love you. i mean it.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. What a sweet post. He sounds like an amazing man, and partner.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, thanks for the compliments, and you are entirely correct. I am an amazing man and partner. It may surprise you to learn that among my many wonderful qualities, my most wonderful quality is my humility.:-)

Mamazilla, I suppose you must tire of me repeatedly telling you how much I love you, and how you are the best thing that has ever happened to me (other than UCLA winning the '95 NCAA basketball title and the Angels winning the 2002 Series.) But I cannot help myself. I may as well try to stop breathing. Despite all the arguments, irritants, distractions, sick/screaming/bickering children and other woes too numerous to catalogue, I can't comprehend a life without you, without us. And I cannot let days go by without telling you how I feel about you.

Peaks and valleys are as common in marriage as they are in nature. We are in one heck of a valley, although I don't quite see it as the Grand Canyon. If you can just find it in you to face this current trough with the same grace and fortitude that you have faced every other challenge in your life, we will pull through bloody but unbowed.

You married a conservative (relatively) fraternity boy from Orange County. Nothing in my background ever prepared me to meet a person like you. Who knew that there were people on the planet who didn't know how to swim? Not me. But we seem to have so much in common, and in seven years of marriage (plus three of dating) I know that we are still good together. Life's pressures may make this simple truth more difficult to see, and feel, but it is the truth. We would never have exchanged vows and lasted were it not so.

You have given me three marvelous gifts in my life for which I am and shall always be in your debt. You gave me the paloma, you game me the porkchop and you have given me your hand in marriage. Because of your still-puzzling decision to marry this mope, I have been given so much more than I can possibly hope to give to you. I love you, and if you tire of hearing it in the future, well, tough. I am what I am-a manly man who at heart is a rank sentimentalist.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday thoughts, and for all you are and that you do. Except the swimming part. You need to work on that.

bokumbop said...

Happy birthday to the hombre flaco. The two of you are so easy to get to know and talk with, gracious, and really know how to deliver a punchline ... the perfect couple in my book :-)

MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

happy birthday to your hubbie!!!

he does sound ah-ma-zing...

very happy for ya'll :)


Angela said...

I always love it when I know couples who are so amazing and that they have found each other and are so happy and right for one another(is that weird to write considering we've never even met?)... you two have got the real thing.


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