Friday, April 13, 2007

i am the mother

of ed grimley's love child.

i love this little guy so much! i couldn't be more excited!

it makes me mental! maybe he loves me back - maybe not!

it's difficult to say!

but, he's a pretty decent guy, i must say!


Irene said...

Too funny! I was going to do a Dr Suess thing about house buying and condo selling, but I'm feeling less than creative.

Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Angela said...

Mamazilla, you are one wild and crazzzzy girl! I really miss the old SNL days.

Thanks for the picture of your little one, he is so adorable!

mamazilla said...

irene - one house, two house, red house, blue house.... wait. that sounds like something political... nevermind. ;)

angela - how sad is it that whenever i turn SNL on - i don't laugh. at all. am i really THAT old??!!


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