Tuesday, April 03, 2007

breaking news. easter cancelled.

have a hard boiled easter.


Puglet said...

YAY! Now I can quit babysitting chocolate easter eggs at work and play Little Bunny Foo Foo with all the figurines! YAY!!!!

mamazilla said...

hey! only one crazy lady per blog! and if you didn't bring enough chocolate easter eggs for the class you shouldn't have brought them at all!!! :P

Puglet said...

I'm not crazy! I'm just a head case! get it? head case? BWAH HA!!! I so punny.
Come to DC and we'll write crappy stories and I'll give you lots of headless bunnies. I'd come to Chicago but I'm still not allowed out for lengths of time without a chaperone, because sometimes I fall down

mamazilla said...

puglet - put. down. the alcohol. ;)


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