Thursday, February 15, 2007

hello from the philippines!

just wanted to let everyone know that we made it to
the philippines ok. the 20+ travel hours that we
logged just about killed us - especially the paloma
who came down with fevers, nosebleeds and
upchucking... :(

my sister (the MD) checked her out and she doing much
better... we've had some time to recover but we've
been very busy reconnecting with family and preparing
for the wedding...

it's warm and beautiful here. i wish i could share
some photos but i forgot my usb cable and getting
internet access is either pricey (for dial up) or
unavailable. so, i can't promise that i'll be able to
update the blog as much as i'd like. or answer the
latest comments.

i heard it's freezing and snowy again back home. i
miss the thin man and the porkchop so much... i'm
constantly asking to hold babies and am often telling
thin man stories... althoough, i'm so happy here - i
cannot wait to come home!!!

love love love... MZ


Angela said...

Glad you made it to the Philippines in one piece, but so very sorry to hear that the Paloma had such a rough time, I hope she is feeling much,much better. Wow, 20 hours is a very long time to travel, I thought the 11+ hours to Seoul was bad, couldn't imagine anything longer than that.

Hope the rest of your visit is great, take care of yourselves and make sure you try and rest whenever you can, jet lag can be miserable.

Barb said...

My dad's opening an Internet cafe in Manila. It may already be open; not sure. If you want the address, shoot me an e-mail! :)

mamazilla said...

angela - thanks for the positive thoughts. it was nice your comment while i was in manila. i was pretty freaked out that first day. i had bi bim bap for the first time at incheon and it was YUMMMY!!! i had to pass on the hot pepper paste though... that looked a little dangerous. :)

barb - can you email me your dad's cafe address so i can give it to my sister in manila? i wouldn't have had time to go we were constantly on the go or stuck in traffic. but, it's good to know.

Barb said...

I'll e-mail him to make sure that it's up and running already, and will keep you updated on the status.


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