Tuesday, November 16, 2004

four words.

the amazing race six

if you haven't seen this show. you have got to watch it tonight! tivo, if you must! it's a two hour season premiere. this is the best reality show on TV. i don't watch reality show really, but this one hooked me from season one. for you TAR fans - did you guys hear that old teams would be running commentary this season? i don't know how i feel about flo's whine echoing thru my house.


oh yeah, i've heard a rumor that TAR6 actually started here in chicago. i can't believe i missed them!!!!


kothz said...

I loved Survivor 1. I tolerated Survivor 2. At Survivor 3+, I put it in the same category as Friday the 13th movies. :)

I liked Big Brother when it first appeared on the scene. Then it got gimmicky.

TAR is about the only reality show that I like these days beyond the ones made by Discovery-esque channels (Pioneer Quest, Yukon: Quest for the Gold). It seems honest enough in its delivery that I'm still interested. :) Of course, that could all be the magic of post-production... they could be all extras, and it's all filmed in Toronto with heavy use of canvas backdrops. :)

mamazilla said...

can i just say... i was a little disappointed. (and not just because my favorite team was eliminated on the first leg.)

admittedly, i was slightly worried for many reasons: a)when i heard that TAR6 was going to be aired in the fall - right after a really good TAR5. it's been successful in its regular time slot in the summer - why mess with a good thing? b) former TAR racers as commentators - need i say more? c) this batch of racers seems very unimpressive in their "impressiveness" - heavy on the looks category as a whole, light on the brains category. it's like the racers have never seen the show before.

par example -

a) if a gas tank in a foreign country is labeled "diesel" - it means diesel not unleaded.
b) if a task asks you to find ONE buoy in a 7 sq mi (think san francisco) perimeter filled with mini icebergs - pick the other task.
b) if you are too confident, you will screw up.

ok... i love TAR, hopefully, this won't be the season they jump the shark.

suki said...

that's the one reality show i wouldn't mind being in. :) it looks like a whole load of fun.

Aim said...

The other night I Tivo'd TAR6 on a whim, thinking the better half of the household might get a kick out of it upon his return from out of town. Last night, within 20 minutes, it had him making exclamations like:

"Did you just HEAR her lay into him?!"
"That guy's an ASS!!"
"And this is less than 24 hours into it!"

Mission accomplished. :)


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