Thursday, May 16, 2013

moar reversible bags! :)

recently, we dedicated a week of school to give thanks to the teachers who truly go above and beyond...  i modified the reversible bag pattern i usually use by shortening it a little and adding a pleat in the middle...  i kinda dig it:

this was my pattern test.  i loved it so much, i kept it.  (four.eyed.deer.)

this one was made for a teacher who is also a whovian.  we picked out the fabrics for the similar tardis console room geometrics and the space whale episode.

the art teacher at school is an accomplished mosaic artist - a common icon/inspiration she uses is the sugar skull.

this bag was for porkchop's teacher.  i really liked the doodles in the grey fabric which remind me of his love of doodling...  

this bag was for paloma's teacher who was wearing a similar color combo and whose fave color is green.

lastly, i wanted to update you on the status of the Colette Laurel contest.  sadly, i didn't make it into the readers' choice round, but i had some stiff competition.  please check out the finalists and vote for 5 of your faves here!

thanks for coming by and reading! 

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