Friday, December 23, 2011

dance friday - happy holidays from california!!!

ugh... it's been so long since i posted to the blog... :( i got slammed with some sewing work before i left for vacation:

i made a few outfits for a friend's daughter and her doll... for the girls a line jumpers i used a vintage simplicity pattern 7783. for the doll a line jumpers, i used simplicity pattern 4271. for the girl's corduroy dress, i used/modified butterick B5631. for the doll's corduroy dress, i used simplicity pattern 3936.

and i was also asked to make some aprons for christmas prezzies. i used the top of simplicity 3803 dress pattern and draped the rest of the apron myself:

and i also had/have some alterations to do.... ennyhoo....

we're on vacation in southern california with the thin man's family and having a BLAST.... we started off with a day at disneyland and hanging out with some very dear friends in LA... we're in the palm springs area now. we hung out in san diego yesterday... and we might be headed to the salton sea for a day trip too next week... :)

but i wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! and wish everyone a peaceful and bright new year... i often think of the heartfelt sentiments in Exile's song - I Wish For You:

but since i've already posted this song - i add along a BONUS!!! apparently, they've released a new (to me) album... here's This is My Life:

EX_ILE / This_is_my_life by Danseryu

see you in 2012!!! XOXOXOXOXOX!!!!

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