Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"how the egg broke" a short story

so... paloma (like me) enjoys writing fiction... she just brought this one home today:

"How the Egg Broke" by paloma (8 yo)

One day in the land of giant floating baby head*, there was an egg. His name was Bob. Then a unicorn was born. His name was Dude. Bob was bored. So he set out for an adventure. Dude did too

They took different paths. Dude took the path of laser eyed teddy bears. And Bob took the path of bad pillows.

Dude was disentegrated [sic] and Bob was cracked.

Bob went to the great blanket wizard to fix the crack. But when Bob got there he saw two feet gourds. Bob tried to sneek [sic] past them (disguised) as an old lady, a monster, a girl, a man, a battery, a vampire, a mummy, a panda, Alex (classmate), Ms. M (teacher), but nothing worked.

Bob tried again and the feet gourds squished him.

The End.

*yes, we are avid fans of Phineas and Ferb.

i weep for Dude. that was harsh...

thanks for reading! happy wednesday!

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