Friday, April 01, 2011

friday dance - If I Was You... OMG

a while back, channel apa posted this video of di "moon" zhang's choreography to far east movement's "if i was you...OMG":

LOOOOOOVED it!!! *swoon* became an instant fan (stalker)... and found out his IaMmE crew had auditioned for ABDC6. And they made it!!! They're in LA now rehearsing and getting ready for the premiere on April 7th! :)

i'm also a new fan of far east movement... this song is also one of my faves off their album... but i'm not such a big supporter of this video... a little too much T&A - for me... i totally dig the masked wrestling girls though... :) i added the one below the official mv, if you get a little tired... or overstimulated... >:)

thanks for stopping by! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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