Tuesday, February 08, 2011

project restyle - brown dress... take 2

so, it's taken me a little while to post another finished product for project restyle because i wasn't satisfied with my first attempt...

you may remember i restyled this brown mini skirt.

after chopping off about 8 or 9 inches, i still had a brown vintage dress leftover:

i added some lace trim i had... i sewed some decorative contrast stitching... i even made a belt and came up with this cute dress:

but for as many times as i put it on and tried to style it to suit me... i just wasn't sold... so back to the chopping block it went... 5 inches later and two pockets short... i have a lovely new blouse for the spring:

i could've stopped at the shorter dress, but i just knew i wouldn't wear it... the first time i put on the blouse, i KNEW i would wear it.... :)

thanks for coming by and reading!

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