Friday, November 05, 2010

friday dance - california love edition

when november's chilly winds blow thru me, i often think back to november 1995, when i moved to california.

so many things had gone wrong for me in chicago towards the end of college and after graduation... and at the urging of close, worried friends of mine, i traveled out to san francisco to visit with them for a week to give my self, body and soul, a much needed rest. i came back, got my stuff, returned and stayed in SF for the next six years...

i'm glad to be back in chicago now and i feel more at home and whole, than i did when i left. this song and this very young singer, alyssa bernal, remind me so much of a younger me and that feeling of freedom i felt even as i got on the train... an immense weight lifted incrementally as i got closer to the west... and that starstruck feeling i had gazing at the beauty and ferocity of the SF skyline, thru a filmy glass window, on a bus going over the bay bridge from oakland...

san francisco will always be a special place for me... i feel as if the city nursed me back to health with some tough love, as well as some TLC.... my life evolved and was irrevocably altered by the wonderful friendships i forged there, the challenges i confronted, the experiences i engaged in.... (and yes, meeting and marrying you too, thin man - that goes without saying, but i know you'll bring it up later if i don't mention it now. :) )

san francisco was my second chance.... and with some adversity, i bloomed.

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