Friday, October 29, 2010

friday dance - ghosts of (80s) goths past edition

i finished the porkchop's train engineer costume and have started paloma's blue firefly... so i am up to my eyeballs in aqua blue chiffon, tulle, sequins and mini pailettes...

taking a mini time out to post some spine tingling faves from my medusa's shoegazing, le chateau wearing, scenes coffeehouse people watching, wax trax records perusing days:

first up... familiar music from the exorcist... (not the original mike oldfield version, i know) a movie that still scared the sh*t out of me even though i only listened to it under a blanket... i remember a friend of mine picking this out on the piano one dark and stormy night... *shivers*

and lastly, a song that has ALWAYS given me the creeps... as did the vampire movie, the hunger.

happy friday! mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!


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