Monday, May 17, 2010

what i did on mother's day...

also known as "why i didn't wish you a happy mother's day..." :)

i am a glutton for punishment. i (once again) was determined to make presents instead of buying them. so, for my mother, my stepsister and my stepsister's mother in law i made little reversible satchels (w/ new added pockets) like i made for paloma's teacher.

i also added some matching accessories - a tissue case, an eyeglass/sunglass case and a fabric flower brooch:

anyhoo... i really hope you gave yourself some much deserved R & R on mother's day... an hour of two before mother's day lunch, i finally unclenched. :)

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Angela said...

Hi Mamazilla, what beautiful and thoughtful gifts for the women in your life, I'm sure they loved them. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the day and were pampered and spoiled, you deserve it!

Geraly Unite-O'Day said...

hi angela!!! :) thank you! i hope you had a lovely mother's day too!!! :)


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