Friday, December 07, 2007

happy birthday porkchop!!!

ten things about yourself:

1. Name: porkchop, the

2. Birthday: december 7, 2005 aka pearl harbor day

3. Where do you live: upstairs.

4. Right or Left handed: yes

5. Favorite color: blue (even though mommy and daddy keep telling me it's not blue, that it's yellow or green or red or purple.... i don't think they know their colors very well.)

6. Favorite sport: riding people piggyback while pummeling them with hard plastic toys

7. Biggest Fear: the christmas tree

8. Status: "single" (on facebook) and "in a relationship" (on myspace)

9. Do you like someone? nina on sprout and sophie on go baby!

Nine Lasts:

1. Cigarette: this morning after mommy sprayed my nose with saline. i ate it. tasted nummy crunchy.

2. Beverage: milk. chocolate preferably.

3. Kiss: 2 seconds ago.

4. Hug: 1 second ago.

5. Movie seen: meet the robinsons. if only i could loop the dino skipping train scene... "choo choo on this!"

6. CD played: cars soundtrack

7. Song listened to: "life is a highway" rascal flatts

8. Bubble bath: i prefer to shower. a night or so ago....

9. Time you cried: 3 seconds ago when daddy tried to remove me from mommy's lap.

Eight Have-You-Ever's:

1. Dated one of your best friends or wanted to? all my best friends are either related, metallic, plastic, wooden or furry.... i couldn't date one of them if i wanted to... now, if i was in san francisco...

2. Skinny dipped: ALL. THE. TIME.

3. Kissed somebody and regretted it: two words. cat. breath.

4. Liked someone you knew you couldn't have: i respond the same way everytime - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
5. Been overseas: no

6. Dressed in costume: yes. i rocked the purple dinosaur.

7. Been drunk: on boob juice. often.

8. Run away: i prefer to call it asserting my independence.

Three Favorite Things (In No Order):

1. cars, trains, airplanes.

2. food - especially candy

3. my family - the paloma, mamazilla, the thin man and the cats.

Three things you can't live without:

1. my family

2. food - especially candy

3. cars, trains, airplanes

Two Things That You Want To Be When You Grow Up:

1. owner of all things transportation

2. happy


honglien123 said...

Happy Birthday Porkchop! You are hilarious just like your mama. I hope you're being happy right now and not waiting till you grow up.

Angela said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Porkchop! You are one sweet, funny and adorable little boy, with one amazing and wonderful mother, so lucky! May your next year be filled with joy, wonder and laughter.

samokdaddy said...

Sounds like a kid after my own heart. I think I kissed the family cat a few times when I was small...It's scarred me as an adult...

mama's got moxie said...

awwwwwwww... i love pork chop's answers!! even if they are a month old now. ;)


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