Thursday, December 01, 2005

it's december first, do you know where my baby is?

no sign of baby's arrival yet. but, i am dilated between 3-4 cm now.

if i get to 4cm next week without any other progress, i'll probably get induced/have my water bag ruptured, etc.... and then, hopefully, the fireworks start, the champagne will flow while i devour a sushi party tray.

mood: kinda sad... kinda stressed... want my mommy... :(


Amybcb said...

Good luck with it. By the end of pregnancy you are ready to evict your little one... you want your body back to yourself, to sleep normally and eat what you want again.

But a forewarning, the endless nights of exhaustion are on the horizon so don't wish too much. After my first baby came, I realized that I would gladly have extended her housing permit in my stomach for another 2 weeks to enjoy all the sleep and naps I could!

But seriously, enjoy your new bundle when he/she comes. Your life will never be the same (in a good way). I'm scheduled to deliver Feb 21st with baby #2 and can't wait!

tessence said...

I think it's just great that you're already to 3-4 cm. That means when labor finally begins in earnest you won't have any worries about being denied admission, or drugs, if you want them. A lot of women have all kinds of pain already in those first few centimeters (not me, but that's what I hear). So hurray for your progress! I hope your body follows through in a timely fashion so you don't have to submit to any kind of induction.

mamazilla said...

amy - this is my #2, which is why i want to evict him... i'd just like to bend over and pick up one of my daughter's socks when they pop out of the dryer... :) good luck with your pregnancy!!

tessence - so true... i remember the first time w/ k'zilla getting to 4 cm was pretty painful, bearable, but painful... i did have my membranes ruptured w/ k'zilla as well. anyway, it's hard to see the glass as half full lately. thanks!


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