Friday, September 27, 2013

ishkabibble - a mixtape for you...

it's andra's birthday today... she would have been 42. :)

 andra made me a handful of mixtapes when we were younger. i love them dearly and they are the only reasons i still have one tape player left in the house... :) they're carefully crafted with doodles and text art...  and thankfully, andra had very eclectic taste in music. although we shared a lot of favorites, she always introduced me to something new.

i re-created one of her mixtapes for you below. i hope you enjoy it! track listing follows....


1. mountains - prince & the revolution 2. dance to the music - sly & the family stone 3. the sensual world - kate bush 4. avalon - bryan ferry / roxy music 5. happy - public image limited 6. warrior - public image limited 7. orinoco flow - enya 8. fury eyes - the creatures 9. lay my love - brian eno / jah wobble 10. one word - brian eno / jah wobble 11. coyote - yoyo ma / bobbie mcferrin 12. air - yoyo ma / bobbie mcferrin 13. never stop - echo & the bunnymen 14. the killing moon - echo & the bunnymen 15. just like heaven - the cure 16. kool aid - B.A.D. II 17. in my dreams - B.A.D. II 18. plainsong - the cure 19. looney tunes / merrie melodies - carl stalling

be careful. be good. be nice.  and happy birthday, andra!  :)


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