Friday, September 27, 2013

ishkabibble - a mixtape for you...

it's andra's birthday today... she would have been 42. :)

 andra made me a handful of mixtapes when we were younger. i love them dearly and they are the only reasons i still have one tape player left in the house... :) they're carefully crafted with doodles and text art...  and thankfully, andra had very eclectic taste in music. although we shared a lot of favorites, she always introduced me to something new.

i re-created one of her mixtapes for you below. i hope you enjoy it! track listing follows....


1. mountains - prince & the revolution 2. dance to the music - sly & the family stone 3. the sensual world - kate bush 4. avalon - bryan ferry / roxy music 5. happy - public image limited 6. warrior - public image limited 7. orinoco flow - enya 8. fury eyes - the creatures 9. lay my love - brian eno / jah wobble 10. one word - brian eno / jah wobble 11. coyote - yoyo ma / bobbie mcferrin 12. air - yoyo ma / bobbie mcferrin 13. never stop - echo & the bunnymen 14. the killing moon - echo & the bunnymen 15. just like heaven - the cure 16. kool aid - B.A.D. II 17. in my dreams - B.A.D. II 18. plainsong - the cure 19. looney tunes / merrie melodies - carl stalling

be careful. be good. be nice.  and happy birthday, andra!  :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

under stars by tess gallagher

the sleep of this night deepens
because i have walked coatless from the house
carrying the white envelope.
all night it will say one name
in its little tin house by the roadside.

i have raised the metal flag
so its shadow under the roadlamp
leaves an imprint on the rain-heavy bushes.
now i will walk back 
thinking of the few lights on 
in the town a mile away.

in the yellowed light of a kitchen
the millworker has finished his coffee,
his wife has laid out the white slices of bread
on the counter. Now while the bed they have left
is still warm, i will think of you, you
who are so far away
you have caused me to look up at the stars.

tonight they have not moved
from childhood, those games played after dark.
again i walk into the wet grass
toward the starry voices. again, i
am the found one, intimate, returned
by all i touch on the way.


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