Saturday, April 27, 2013

Colette Patterns - Laurel Dress

so i've been a little busy sewing bee lately...  :)

i decided a while ago to enter the colette patterns' laurel sewing contest.  but i was having trouble deciding how i wanted to alter the pattern and what fabrics i wanted.

i ended up altering the pattern by simply 1) making the yoke, 2) the horizontal band under the yoke,  3) the vertical print stripe down center front,  4) the solid band at the front hem and lastly,  5) facings for the front and back. i also made my own bias tape for the arm openings.  (i love making my own bias tape.  whee!)

i also decided on these three fabrics:

michael miller malibu stripe
riley blake ombre green - sadly you can't tell from the pics that the green fabric is ombre. but it is! and it's really cool looking!
michael miller coral cotton couture solid

i was really inspired by all the color blocked dresses i've seen on the runways.  i was curious if i could emulate something similar myself....  i have to admit, during the process, i was really second guessing what this dress  might become, but i'm really happy with it.

i'd really like to try altering the pattern again with more asymetrical blocks of color...  and with different prints/colors.

this really was an easy and fun pattern/dress - even with all of my alterations - to make.

ennyhoo...  thanks for coming by and reading!  please forgive me for the brief post...  i spent most of the day at C2E2 yesterday and then some drinkin and dancing in the evening...  and i'm plum tuckered out.  if you have any questions about the dress, please leave them in the comments!  :)


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